My Education in Becoming a
Clinical Hypnotherapist


I am often asked by my clients what education, if any, is required to become a hypnotherapist. I often receive email inquiries on the Internet asking for the criteria on how one would choose a reputable hypnotherapist.

Actually, anyone can hang a shingle, so to speak, and practice hypnosis. It is my understanding that this is true in most of the United States. There are no laws or legislation governing hypnotherapists to date, although there is legislation being written here in California. I do not know what is required in other parts of the world.
A checklist below will give you some guidelines to follow.
There are also a myriad of associations that certify you and that gives you some accreditation, but even some of those associations are questionable, so do your homework before you pay their fees to be a member.

My Education: When I went to do research in schools for my training in hypnotherapy in 1989, here in California, to become a clinical hypnotherapist, I learned that there were two basic schools of training: one being Ericksonian and the other Alchemical. Ericksonian is the clinical sense of hypnotherapy, treating clients from smoking cessation and weight loss to age regression, treating traumatic events in childhood.
(I am still on the fence when it comes to Past Life Regression)
The level of training, there are three levels, also is a factor here as well, and I will get to that later. Alchemical's foundation is mainly inner child work to get to the issues of behavior. I liked both philosophies. So, I chose a school that taught both methods. I was also trained in Neuro Linguistic Programming, NLP, and hypno-anesthesiology, the ability to teach a client to induce their own pain management. You do not need a college degree, but I do have a BS in Business Administration. Other criteria for choosing the school I attended was the fact that they were accredited by the
California Board of Education
and the California Board of Nurses.

Training is based on hours. My initial 100 hours, level one, certified me as a Master Hypnotist. This training gives you an overview and foundation of hypnosis. The second level, 50 hours, certifies you as a Hypnotherapist, which gives you an in depth training in all of the uses in hypnosis, and the third level, another 50 hours, certifies you as a clinical hypnotherapist, which is advance training in the field. I also did a lateral training of 50 hours to be a Certified Hypno-Anesthesiologist.

In January of 1990, I took an oral and written test and graduated as a
Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist.

Today, the training is an additional 50 hours with each level.

Once you have that schooling under your belt, you are required to do
15 continuing education units per year.
This is governed by the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners here in California.

Guidelines in Choosing a Reputable Hypnotherapist

How long have they been in practice? At their current location?
Where were they trained? How many hours? Level of training? Other Education?
What method of hypnosis do they use: Ericksonian? or Alchemical?
Are they members of any association? A phone number or web site?
Do they work in an office in or out of their residence?
What is their success rate?
Do they belong to any local community associations, such as The Chamber of Commerce?
Do they specialize in a certain area?
Do they have any clients that you may call?
What is a typical session like? Will I be hypnotized in that first session?
Ask about their confidentiality? Ethics?
Do I need to be a certain age to see you?
Does the therapist seem friendly, patient and willing to answer your question?
Look for initials such as:
CHT: Certified Hypnotherapist
CCHT: Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist
Ct.H.A.: Certified Hypno-Anesthesiologist

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